Anger. Apathy. Aggression. Angst. Fight ‘Till Death is a no-frills Death Metal band who thrive off chaos and they want you to feel the sound and fury. The band came together in 2012 and have been playing shows and producing ever since. The subject matter of the lyrics can be intense and evil, drawing on the frustrations of living in the modern age. Fronted by guitarist and vocalist Brayton Furlong, with Jed Boole playing lead/rhythm guitar, Matt Roe on Bass, and Brett Weiser on drums, Fight ‘Till Death is inspired by classic acts like Slayer and old-school Death Metal of the 90’s.

Fight 'Till Death Band Photo

“At the end of the day, we want to play what we want to hear. When I go to a show I wanna get rowdy, not listen to some watered-down, cheesy shit with gimmicks”

Brayton Furlong of Fight 'Till Death

Furlong stretching his vocal chords

“If you’re down with heavy music, it’s in your blood. It’s not an image, it’s not a front; I’ve always been down with it. I’m a tattoo artist and a surfer, I play death metal, but I feel like I’m a decent human being- not some piece of shit going around murdering people”.

“Death Metal is just a hobby, like watching a horror movie—you get this entertainment value and that’s the vibe we wanna create at our shows. Come, get rowdy, get pissed, but have a good time, you know?”

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Brayton Furlong of Fight 'Till Death