Xica Hansen truly lives life to the fullest. Music, cooking, and surfing are the stars that orbit his world and boy do they shine! Being a goofyfooter in Santa Cruz, it is hard to stand out among guys like Nat Young, Randy Bonds, Ruffo, and Ben Coffey. Through putting years of work on his backhand, particularly at slabbing reefs, Hansen’s pig-dog barrel wrangling has earned the respect of his peers as well as veteran elders such as Anthony Ruffo.

Surfer Xica Hansen of Santa Cruz catching air

Tail-high Howyadoin!!
photo @jeff_santacruzsurfing

“We used to call him man-child,” says Ruffo, a bona fide goofyfoot legend himself.

“He always looked older than he was. He reminds me of myself when I could get up that quick and get cornered in on such a tight barrel. Besides Nat Young, he’s the best backside barrel rider on the Westside. He’s also got great technique and throws caution to the wind with his massive airs. He’s always given major respect over the years and that really earns him respect in the lineup.”

Surfer Xica Hansen of Santa Cruz with his dog

Xic the Chic xoxoxo
photo @xicz__

As far as his musical interests, Hansen’s been producing music for about a decade. He spent two years studying beat production and mixing and mastering at the Indiginal Institution of Recording Arts for two years. Currently he is doing a bit of everything; dabbling in rap, pop, punk rock, but thrives on EDM. He loves the energy of commanding a live crowd.

Surfer Xica Hansen of Santa Cruz catching air

Hang-time factors greatly into Xicz above-the-lip game
photo @myallsnaps

Hansen is super passionate about eating fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables but is far from a vegetarian.

“Cooking is probably my sport of choice, barbecuin’ and grillin’ especially, but the three things in life that I absolutely love and am going to pursue forever are surfing: to stay healthy and fit; music, which is like my art–got to keep that artistic side of your brain greased up and moving– and cooking. You gotta stay healthy, gotta eat good. Just gotta avoid the treat aisle at Trader Joes” (laughs).

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I got to give a big shout out to Marco Foreman. He’s been the guy out here and I grew up looking up to him.