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Welcome to Totally Tubular Magazine!

I’ve spent nearly 2 years brainstorming and researching my favorite magazines to bring you, the reader, what I thought would be a fun and entertaining action/culture magazine. I needed the perfect team from the get-go, because, honestly, I didn’t know what the F@&K I was doing! Secondly, I needed to figure out the layout and vibe…I feel like most of me is still stuck it the 80’s because that was my generation and everything was bitchin’! I wanted to capture that essence. Finally, I needed a President Business, who could run the company, so I could stay busy creating the content and designing our throwback-style magazine. I wanted everyone who picks up this magazine to feel like they’re involved-both with the vibe and interactivity. In conclusion, this magazine may not be your cup of tea, however, if you’re inspired and want to learn how to surf, support your local shaper, not Costco!

Thank you for checking out our ‘zine!

Latest Issue

The ninth issue is now available at any of our sponsors’ locations in Santa Cruz.

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